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Is 2018 The Year To Turn Down The Tech And Reconnect With Real Life?

December 26, 2017 // John DiJulius

Currently, we are seeing a negative side effect to what many consider the over-digitalization of our everyday lives. Results from studies on over-digitalization are troubling. Social media appears to promote narcissism, smartphones could be causing insomnia, screens seem to make people less empathetic, and the Internet makes people less innovative, more negative, and reduces our memory. Based on these studies, here are a few thoughts.

So the next time you find yourself or your front-line associates head-down, staring at that entrancing little rectangle of light, think instead about how you and your organization are connecting with customers - with a focus on how you may be allowing technology to come between you and your next customer's experience.

John R. DiJulius III, author of The Customer Service Revolution, is president of The DiJulius Group, a customer service consulting firm that works with companies including Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Ritz-Carlton, Nestle, PwC, Lexus, and many more. Contact him at 216-839-1430 or

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